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Uncompromised Efficiency: The Perfect Match

Advanced Air Flow

SWAP ordinary plug fans for COPRA™ EC fans! Unleash maximum airflow with a unique blend of engineering and performance, thanks to powerful backward- curved aluminum impeller blades.


Efficiency maximized, space minimized. Say goodbye to airflow obstacles with our sleek internal rotor motor, as aerodynamic impeller designs ensure high power at all speeds.

Easy installation

The perfect fit for data centers and tight HVAC spots! Designed to squeeze into even the tightest spots, making installation a breeze, down to the last centimeter.

Left: Fan solution with external-rotor motor and obstruction of the airflow in the impeller

Right: Fan solution with CopraTM technology, without the obstruction of the airflow in the impeller.

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Customer Testimonial

Watch the video to hear firsthand how Clivet SpA, one of our valued customers has benefited from our innovative solutions and the superior performance of our COPRA fans. 

Commercial HVAC

With reduced weight and size, COPRA™ system fits multiple wall configurations in locations such as office buildings, hospitals, libraries and other commercial building spaces.

Data Center

COPRA™ easy installation fits new or retrofit projects. The cooling system is compliant with IT industry-wide specifications. Energy and consumption costs are reduced to the lowest feasible level.

Retrofit: Replacing fans with COPRA™ fans pays off

Lower Energy Costs
Less Maintenance
Less Emissions

The new COPRA™ fans maximize efficiency while minimizing required space in your system. Their short motor do not obstruct airflow, while the newly developed aerodynamic impeller design maximizes efficiency at both full and reduced speeds.

Perfect for simple plug-&-play installation in new HVAC systems as well as for the modernization of existing systems, COPRA™ fans can deliver significant cost savings.

The Ideal Plug Fan for Fan Arrays

COPRA™ fans are ideally suited to multiple wall configurations in the form of several fans arranged next to and above each other. COPRA™ fans are the best fit for multiple wall configurations not only because of their compactness in axial length, but also because of their smallest possible diameters with high airflows.

Competitor Fans With External Rotor Motors Vs. COPRA™ Fans

COPRA™ effectiveness exceeds traditional motors in every situation with its system efficiency at part load compared to all other conventional ec motor technology.

Unleash aerodynamic efficiency in an ultra-compact powerhouse! COPRA™ redefines the game with its short axial length, delivering unmatched efficiency for tight installations. Experience top-tier part-load performance, exceptional power density, and impressively quiet operation. This is the one series that fits all, boasting superior geometry and materials.

External Rotor
Motor Fan

Less Maintenance
Long Axial Length

External Rotor Motor
Inside Impeller Fan

Low Efficiency
Short Axial Length


High Efficiency
Short Axial Length

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Copra Fan Series

Internal-rotor motor PM/EC technology with efficiency up to IE6
Integrated electronics
Air volume up to 28,000 m³/h / 16,480 CFM
Static pressures up to 2,000 Pa / ~6.8” wg
UL/CE Certified

Consolidated Characteristics: Overview of Sizes

The chart shows an overview of sizes 250 mm to 710 mm with 1.3, 4.5 and 8 kW motor power at the maximum speed of the respective size.

The ranges with the best overall static fan efficiencies (operating range with best efficiency) are highlighted.


COPRA™ fans come in two series and with a wide range of variants to best suit your equipment needs.


1.3 - 8 KW


1.3 - 8 KW



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Revolutionize your space with our solutions. Expert help is just a click away.

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